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Besides the Supercard compatibility list i keep updating i started something new.
I'm working on an EWIN2 Compatibility list, I'll start from recent releases till the first release
and in the meanwhile i'll keep updating new releases.

Newest releases will be always on top. This page will be hosted on pocketheaven.com from now on

Nintendo DS - Ewin2 Compatibility List (W.I.P.)

The SuperCard Compatibility list is hosted on pocketheaven.com

Nintendo DS - Supercard Compatibility List (W.I.P.)

Enjoy your stay!
replaced my X360 case :)
My Complete collection is grouped under the "My Console Collection" menu
Copiers will be there to once it's done ;)

XCM Full Case Ocean Blue with Talismoon Whisper Fan!

For more pictures: click here: Xbox360


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